How much hair do I need?

*For 14-26 inches we recommend 3 bundles for a full look and 2 bundles for a natural look.  For 28-30 inches we recommend 3-4 bundles and anything above 30 inches(special order) we recommend 5 bundles.

Do you wholesale?

*Yes we do please email for details.

Does hair come in different colors?

*No  virgin hair comes in natural color only 2-1b.

*Can I dye hair?

All virgin hair comes in natural state and can be dyed;colored to your discrection however we suggest you use a professional for coloring services so that you don't over process hair.

What is the COCO HAIR CO. refund/exchange policy?


How long does our hair last?

*Our hair can last for a very long time depending how well you maintain it.  With proper care hair will last until YOU decide you want new hair!

Can I go swimming?

*Yes we recommend you wash and condition afterwards.

How long is shipping?

*We have a standard 2-14 business day shipping policy.  Business days are Monday-Friday.  You will receive your products no later than the 14th business day.